by Samantha

Mr. Friedman

Mr. Friedman

Parson Jack Russell Terrier

Date of Birth: 7/14/2015
Coat color: Mostly white with one brown spot
Eye color:
15 pounds
Length: 21 inches (head to tail)
Collar Size:
12 inches
Height (to withers): 14 inches

Special Talents or Skills:
- Sit, Stay, Down, Roll (over both directions), stand, walk on hind legs
- Back up on a wall and stand on front legs, jump through hoops, weave through my legs, ride a skate board and stand up to ride a scooter
- Back up, jump into my arms, starting to learn to jump rope, puts the baby in a buggy and pushes the buggy, roll up in a blanket and cover eyes, says prayers
- Stand on a ball, balance a ball on nose, put toys away in a suit case, closes the suit case and carries it away
- Opens kennel door and closes kennel door, go to place (pedestal) and go to mark (small round disc)
- Jumps into large suitcase pull the lid down, stay quite until I finish playing Jack in the Box music box  - jumps out at that sound
- Barks on command, covers his eyes, jumps on my back
- Plays basketball really well
- Will carry most things
- Has some agility training (jumps, A Frame, teater, weaves and tunnels), jumps through my arms

- Carries or holds objects
- Wears clothing or costumes

Professional Work/Credits:
Nicor Gas



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