by Samantha

Sweet Sundance

Sweet Sundance
Border Collie

Date of Birth: 8/9/2012
Weight: 32 lbs.
Length: 18"
Collar Size:
Medium (17-18
Height to withers:
Coat Color:
Eye Color:

Special Talents or Skills:
Speak on cue
Carries or holds objects
Wears clothing or costumes
Works with other animals around

Professional Work/Credits:
Good Morning America (TV Appearance)
Late Show with David Letterman (TV Appearance)
World's Greatest Dogs (TV)
Who Gets the Dog? (Film)
WCIU-U Dog Promo
Merrick Pet Food (Web Promo)
American InterContinental University (Print Ads)

Sweet Sundance knows over 300 trained behaviors, including all basic obedience.
He is involved in agility, disc, and dock diving.

Some of his Advanced Behaviors include:
handstand, left/right directional cues, walk backwards, go to a mark, nose target, front and back paw target, freeze in position, cover face with paw, hug a leg, hold object with front paws, take and place object where directed, tug pants/sleeve, hold anything including food, play dead on side or back, jump rope, cross paws, hand signals + distance work, and hundreds more tricks!

He will work in all environments. He can work with or around other dogs, adults, and kids.
He will ignore horses.
He has not worked around cats or small animals and is very curious about them, but has a strong leave it and acclimates quickly.
Sundance has no fears of new places, equipment, noises, etc., and is very happy to work and try new things.
He learns very quickly and can be taught standard behaviors in 5-10 minutes.
He will happily repeat behaviors to get the perfect shot.
In addition to studio work, Sundance performs trick and freestyle demonstrations at pet events.



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