by Samantha





Date of Birth: 6/22/2011
(Small) 10 pounds
Coat Color: Blue Merle
Eye Color:
Bi-Eye (Half Blue/Half brown Each side)
Length: 12 inches
Collar Size: Small
Height (to withers)
13 inches

Special Talents or Skills:
Zeeva can do over 50 commands Sit, Stay, Come,Lay down
Leave it (you can drop food or anything and she will not go after it)
Touch (she will touch it with her paw)
Jump (she can jump over anything)
Weave Through( going through anything)
Back up (walking backwards)
Paw and Foot (right paw and left paw)
Heel (walking next to you)
She is ok with things or people jumping over her
Spin, Walking on to legs
Give a kiss, Dress, up, (will put costumes on)
She can side Step
Run up your back, Weave, Cross her paws
Plus many more things. She is a fast learner. Learning most commands in just hours willing to teach anything she needs to know! We also belong to a performing dog team so both dogs are use to performing in front of LARGE groups camera and any thing else around!

Wears clothing or costumes
Works with other animals around

Professional Work/Credits:
Zeeva has traveled with a performing dog team and is used to performing in front of large crowds and a lot going on.



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